Thursday, December 23, 2010


so here we go.  what will I discuss?  My thoughts on leadership?  My feelings about dealing with a progressive disability?  Both? 

First, welcome to my blog.  It is a bit intimidating to start baring my soul to the blogosphere....what if no-one listens?  A voice shouting into the wilderness seems rather lonely. 

I am about to start a journey.  I have been selected as one of 22 participants on the Advanced Leadership Program - - a program designed to improve the quality of leadership in the senior ranks of the public service.

This is the fourth group of people to go through the program - which is designed to stretch and challenge us, and ultimately, to make us better leaders.  Over the course of the year, we will have an opportunity to meet with bureaucrats, politicians, business people and community leaders from many different walks of life.  Along the way, we hope to have our preconceptions about leadership blasted, and our comfort zone least that's what we've been told!

I will be the first person to do this progam with a physical disability.  It will be a test  both of me and of the program itself.  Will I have the stamina and resilience to survive the gruelling schedule?  Will the program allow me to participate fully and not feel like a token, or worse, an impediment? 

I have a simple objective in doing this program.....I want to be a better leader.  I think that I am a pretty good leader already.  I believe that is why I have gotten to this level.  I love solving problems.  I love working with people to achieve results.  But I know I can be, and do, better. 

My biggest worry as I move up the "food chain", is about becoming complacent.  You see it sometimes....people who have seen it all, done it all, and have all the answers.  I want to keep asking questions...of myself, of my staff and colleagues, of "the system".

As I said above, this is a journey...both a physical and an internal one.  I will write what I see, what I feel and what I think.

And I hope that if you have questions or comments, you'll let me know!